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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  July 10, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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s, thank you very much. here in germany police have arrested the 18-year-old suspect that has left two people dead. an elderly woman and a male cyclist were killed in drive-by shootings in neighboring villages in the state of bavaria. police say the suspect shot it to other people, and no one was injured. authorities earlier released details of the cars registration numbers.
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and spokesman says the german government now recognizes the massacre as a genocide. more than 75,000 were killed. the recognition of the genocide a improve the current round of talks between berlin and mean hook. financial restitution is an important part of the talks. it was a historic day in the u.s. state of south carolina. the confederate flag is lying no more. in a solemn and joyful ceremony stateroom is lowers the flag from the state capital grounds for a final time. it was earlier this week that
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the state legislator voted to remove it and lawmakers argued that its symbolic association with segregation had to go. >> it has flown here for more than 50 years. now the confederate flag is being permanently removed from the grounds of south carolina's state house. there has been a huge campaign to remove the flag and a national debate about its use as a glorification of racism. >> i'm 50 years old. that flag has always represented hatred. i was born in south carolina, and when there was something about hey, there was always . >>that flag. >> many thought it would fly here indefinitely, but that changed when nine black
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worshipers were gunned down in a church in charleston. the man charged with the killing, 21-year-old dylan roof was seen with photos posing with the and unfettered flag. -- the confederate fly. >> i miss my mom, but i know she is smiling down from heaven with the other victims. this is an important day in history. >> for others this is an emblem of southern pride i and heritage. >> it is my family. it is my grandfather. he fought for that flag. >> brent: a revolutionary 3-d printed car. but first, here is a round up of stories making news around the world.
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negotiations on a round's nuclear program are set to the new indiana after another deadline passed. six world powers have joined. they are offering to ease sanctions in return for guarantees. attacks in the somalian capital of mogadishu. some reports say a number of the attackers were killed in a firefight with security forces. extremist al-shabaab rebels claim responsibly for the assaults. the assyrian army says it is closing down islamic militants in control of a city.
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if you have seen the films dr. zhivago or lawrence of arabia, you will know why he is a national figure. omar sharif, the injection foreign film legend has died. he was 83. he suffered a heart attack in cairo. he started acting in the 1950's and one international fame, weighing the title role in dr. zhivago. -- playing the title role in dr. zhivago. >> he was destined to become a global r. >> his performance as the doctor/poet remains high point of his career.
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he then came with lawrence of arabia. >> i would like to hear his opinion. >> his ability to slip into the most diverse of roles kept him in the business until his 80's. though he never regained the star power of his younger years, he was continually recognized equinix and colleagues alike -- by critics and colleagues alike. he never intended to become an international's arm. he might have been happier if he stayed in his native egypt with his family. he remained a national treasure there throughout his career. omar sharif died of a heart attack at a hospital in cairo.
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he was 83 years old. brent: pope francis has visited a notoriously overcrowded high-security prison in santa cruz olivia -- santa cruz bolivia. he sent a message for the lost and left behind. it is home to some 5000 inmates most of them still awaiting trial. it drew attention to bolivia's corrupted judicial system. he is now on paraguay, where he will spend the last three days of his latin american tour. a massive volcanic ash cloud is causing travel delays in indonesia. hundreds of people have been stranded after the international airport and three others in the region were closed. it erected eight days ago 3000 -- it erupted three days ago
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the 3000 meter volcano has been spewing ash since june. still to come, mark cavendish grabs victory in stage seven of tour de france. only six other men have one more stages.
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brent: live from berlin, our top stories. lawmakers in greece are set to vote on new reform proposals for the country's creditors. good evening. >> let's take a look at that proposal. it includes some of the main
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sticking points that caused previous bailout negotiations to fail. taxes, pensions, and defense spending as well. athens says it will look at hotels to be excluded from the tax hike. and as far as defense spending goes, the previous proposal was 200 million euros in cuts. they have now signed a 300 million euro reduction, but creditors what 400 million euros/. a compromise there. the question is, will it be enough to reach a new deal? greek businesses are waiting for a solution before it is too late for them. >> for everyday purchases like watermelon, cash transactions are fine.
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but for most other things in life, a functioning economy needs banks. this brewery dared to dream of a future. it offloaded all of its old equipment and installed a brand-new bottling machine. it was getting ready to boost production but since capital controls were introduced, output has been declining instead. >> we get a lot of our raw materials and packaging from abroad. since we cannot make anything transfers to our suppliers there is a danger we may have to halt production. >> he is not just the brewery's owner, he is also vice president of the great chamber of commerce. he's certain the economy will collapse if greece leaves the eurozone. he is not at all happy with the greek government. >> those who left their assets
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in greece and he did not transfer their money abroad, they are not thethe dupes right now. the government is hitting small businesses the hardest. >> this transport company may soon have to hold. the freight arriving here was paid for before capital controls were imposed. once these containers are on their way to their final destinations, there will be no more coming in. >> so how was all of this playing out on wall street? we are watching from across the atlantic and a deal may be inside. how will this influence traders on wall street today? >> hope is the word of the day. there is hope of a happy ending regarding the greek thatdebt
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drama. we sought even up by about 1.5%. this is good news for the u.s. exporting companies. overall, a good day on wall street. they were up by about 1.2%. you can see a positive week overall here on the new york stockings change. -- stock exchange. >> china is also facing turbulence. if the federal reserve going to take any more active role in this to ease the global tension? >> there is also hope with this extreme intervention from the chinese government that those turbulences at least for now might calm down in china. the federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen came out on friday, talking or the first time since
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it is collated in greece and china. she is pretty of eight -- upbeat that she wants to see higher interest rates this year. it looks like the federal reserve is ready to increase the rates later this year. that did not stop the market from trading upward. >> it seems to be a very happy friday. earnings season has also kicked off. what does this do for options for traders? >> this week we thought numbers from pepsi-cola and from all cola. what we did see is that the turbulences in the energy market and the higher u.s. dollar does hurt profits. we will get intel, google general electric next week.
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the earning season will get to check kickoff next week, but expectations are not too high because of the higher u.s. dollar and the turbulence in the energy market. >> thank you very much. now telecommunications -- they are paying to broadcast spanish football next season. they are working to increase the subscriber numbers. for the first time, the league has sold broadcasting rights as a whole. here is a very sweet way to make money. a single bunch of grapes has just fetched a record ¥1 million
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at an auction in japan. that is more than 7000 euros. how is that possible? like so many absurdities, it is all about marketing. >> this is what really expensive fruit looks like. 26 roman grapes weighing in at 800 grams. they went under a hammer at an auction, and a local hotel chef was willing to shell out 300 euros per great. the total came to 7500 euros. he is hoping the publicity will draw more visitors to the region recently made accessible by high-speed train. all of japan should know what delicious fruit we have he said, after winning the produce rate he told japanese reporters he will use the grapes for a special dessert to be served at the restaurant. >> that is it from the business
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desk. back to world news. brent: expensive fruit. the stages set for a showdown of the top two men's players -- tennis players in the world. djokovic and roger federer will lock horns just as they did last year. he hopes to do something no man has ever done before. >> roger federer could make history on sunday by becoming the first man ever to win eight wimbledon championships. he beats and jeanmarie in three straight sets. the brilliant performance from the swiss star proves he still has what it takes at the right tennis age of 33.
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but it will be no walk in the park on sunday when he faces world number one djokovic. he knocked out his opponent in three straight sets. with djokovic on fire and federer with a chance to make history, sunday's final should be a match to remember. brent: turning now to cycling friday seventh stage of the tour de france, and a week marred by accident and injury, a british rider sprinted to success for the first time in almost two years. >> there was no major crash on friday. the breakdowns were limited to a quick tire change. that is in stark contrast to thursday when the german cyclist tony broke his collarbone and had to withdraw from the race while wearing the yellow jersey. in friday's stage 7, 1 of his fellow riders found a gap
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and howard pass the stage six winner in the final 15 meters on an uphill finish to win by half a bikes length. cavendish, who dedicated the wind to tony martin is now third overall. another britain, chris from is staying in the overall leader's yellow. brent: barely a day seems to go past without pop and one direction trending on social media. singer harry styles would have preferred that this mishap went unnoticed and he took an epic tumble onstage in san diego last night. he sent fans into a twitter frenzy. the #has been tweeted more than half a million times. the singer himself was not hurt
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except for a little bruising to his ego. just a reminder of our top story lawmakers in greece are debating new reform proposals for the country's creditors. the latest offer includes compromising on what had been red lines for the government, raising taxes and cutting pensions. egyptian actor omar sharif has died, known for his performances in the films dr. zhivago and lawrence of arabia. you're watching dw news live from berlin. i will be back at the top of the next hour for more news. see you then.
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inisters are expected to make what is being described a major decision on saturday. either they make recommendation fog a new bailout program for greece or whether to walk away and leave greece to exit the single currency. a summit is said to be held to discuss the next steps information a final bid to stave off financial collapse, finance minister alexis tsipras has submitted


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